• J. Jamal

Win the Day. Everyday.

Seize the day, but take it even further than that. Every day is a chance for improvement and enhancement. One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I work better under the pressure of competition. Every year. The first semester of classes was always easiest for me, because I had basketball. I couldn’t be the guy that wasn’t playing because I didn’t make the grades, especially since it would’ve been totally avoidable cuz the classes weren’t hard enough to stump me. But the second semester, I didn’t care. I didn’t try as hard. Because I had nothing to work for. So the classes and months dragged without some kind of incentive of benefit to continuing to do the work. Many of us find ourselves in the same situation. Or you may notice just how competitive you really are. But the problem that occurs here is you put yourself in competition with someone else, instead of realizing you need only compete with yourself. Everyday presents you with the opportunity and the challenge of getting one day, one step, one move closer to becoming the best possible version of yourself. You do that by learning a new skill, perfecting the skills you already have, working smarter, working harder, working faster, doing something better today than you did yesterday. Find the motivation to want to be greater every day of your life. Win the day. Everyday.

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