• J. Jamal


Darkness don’t scare me.

I’ve spent too much time in it to fear it. Why fear an old friend? Most fear darkness because darkness symbolizes absence. The absence of light, therefore the absence of security. The absence of sanity. The absence of safety. Me? Yea, I thrive on absence. Had plenty of practice. Pops was killed before I was born, moms wasn’t there after I was, so as far as I’m concerned, she’s right there with him. Ever since there’s been a ME, all I had was me. Me and the darkness. And damn was she beautiful. The things we did together. See, she canceled out or hid so much for me, and the things we did together the world would never know about. The way she touched me. The way she held me. She came to me every night and held me like she’d never met me before, and I’d caress and savor every moment of my time with her. I knew she’d leave every morning. But she’d be back every night, almost like clockwork. If she had the capacity, she’d tell you I was the perfect lover, and we completed one another. So I guess you’ll just have to take my word for that.

Now, something has awakened me, robbing me of the darkness I hold so dear. An assignment of immense proportions. In the 90s, TomTech Industries was the leading name in advanced and enhanced robotics. Prototypes from this time period still lap anything available today. However, today is where the problem comes in. TomTech’s primary competitor from the 90s is sending it’s first fully functional droids to NASA, the first leg of a 20 year, $40 billion contract between the two, to fund, train, and outfit the next steps in aeronautics. Is this about the money? Hell yes. However, the legacy of TomTech is also at stake, making the dissolution of this project imperative.

“ComMechs, or Commercial Mechanical Technologies, founded in 1988, has enjoyed prominence since the year 2000,” a voice rings out in the darkness. “Their 20 years of growth has been headed up by founder and CEO, Maxwell Tomlinson. Tomlinson is a renowned engineer and former classmate of our own founder, Tommy Spreewell. Details of Mr. Spreewell’s murder remain buried and his killers remain at large. For what it’s worth, Tomlinson’s conversations regarding his former friend are often contentious and defensive in nature. Following an analysis of the hardware featured in their NASA collaboration, consistencies were found that are only present in TomTech A/I. Further review of past models uncovered the same consistencies. We have reason, at this point, to believe...”

He killed my father. The bastard killed my father.

The rivalry between the two companies could have been legendary. Two visionaries, from the same background, from the same class, at the top of their games for decades. Competing for contracts. Imagine the innovation if my father was able to continue his research and continue his work. We would literally own every aspect of space by now. Together, their names would be legendary, and my father would be immortalized for his contributions. Instead, Tomlinson gets rich off of his brain and his creations. Sick world. But I won’t stand for that. I don’t have to, oh no. I get to stop him this time.

“We’ll be ready for dispatch at 0600 hours.”

Well, you know what that means. I’ve gotten my marching orders. Headed back to California, to exact revenge on my father’s greatest competitor, his robber, and killer. He’d be happy today. I’m planning on this being the quickest of trips, and I’m trained to make sure it will be. TomTech will return home and will rise again, and my father’s name will take its place in the conscience of the greatest creators in our world. And I’m going to enjoy every bit of the revenge that I squeeze from Tomlinson’s veins. Hopefully before he reaches the gates of hell, God allows him to see my father, so he can tell him all about the day he came face to face with his greatest creation. Revenge will be sweet, and long lived. And then he’ll fade into the darkness. Remember, darkness don’t scare me. But it’s my job to make it scare anyone who dares come against me

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