• J. Jamal

Unity Heights vol. 2

Updated: Oct 13

Welcome to Unity Heights. We’re a small subdivision of downtown Los Angeles, and uhh...a side of town that you don’t hear from or about much. Well, the name came from this intersection right here. We’re standing at the point where Union Street meets Unity Hills. Yea, the make up and ideologies of these 2 respective areas are as different as the Apple Store and the liquor store on these opposing corners. Yea, you’ll find me in the liquor store often, but don’t tell anybody about that. I mean, what do you expect? Unity Hills doesn’t exactly welcome us with open arms out here, you feel me? So we stay to ourselves, stay with our own. Other than school, you’ll always find me on the block. This is home. The OGs won’t let me leave school, but I don’t see a point in it. They know I belong to The U. Only good thing about school is football. I get to legally hit these fools that get in my way? Sign me right up coach. But two more years and I’m outta there. Can’t wait to run the block then. Til all of Union Street is mine.

The names Niko, by the way. On the block, they call me Nik the Quick. Why? Cuz I’m fast and my hands are faster. So if I have to draw quick....just playing man, calm down. Show no fear in these streets, or they give you a reason to. There’s always work to be done on the block, always somebody to be dealt with and handled. A few weeks back, we figured out who it was behind that cocaine warehouse that got raided, and got them outta here. We don’t trust outsiders, and we definitely don’t trust em to be our suppliers. They knew what was coming to them. If you’re gonna be around, I suggest you learn and respect the code. The gym and parks are off limits. Libraries and schools are too. And we don’t hit women, babies, or old people. Any offense can get you popped. Stay out of neighborhoods you don’t know. But if you go looking for trouble, it’ll find you quick, fast, and in a hurry. The U ain’t for everybody, and we respect that. Ain’t no college boys of use around here. You’d be better off hitting the library with Prince. Oh, he’s my best friend. He’s on his way outta here, so we don’t chill too often, he stays outta my way. You should too. Life keeps me pretty occupied, you know what I’m sayin?

Excuse me for a second. That’s my OG right there.

All good, where were we? Oh, yea. Union Street is always busy. We’re not quiet and serene like The Hills. I bet they don’t even hear the ambulances and helicopters flying around down here. They swear they’re better than us, til we run em in sports. I’ve never seen Union High lose to them boys, and it’s not starting on my watch. Then they talk big, and before the fight starts, go running behind their daddies. Pretentious punks. No offense. But they’re all you hear about, all you see on the news: Unity Hills this, Unity Hills that, look out our pretty little lake. Nah, you want reality? Bring the cameras down here. Look at the lil homie Jerrod’s candle light vigil. Look at the Johnson Family and pray for them. Look at the community center we built to keep these little kids outta this as long as we can. They don’t have to worry about community centers, schools being shot up, candle light vigils. Pretty boys up there can’t even handle a gun. Speaking of which, don’t move. Stay behind this car.

“You know the code, playboy.” POP “Come around Ms. Johnson again and the next shot won’t be a warning.”

Sorry about that, these new kids don’t respect the code. But they will.

I’ve got plenty of bullets to make it happen.

Welcome to Unity Heights

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