• J. Jamal

Purpose over Profits

The world's been upside down for months now.

Quarantines, layoffs, free time has led to hours of reflection, the birth of some new ideas, and the completion of others. Some companies celebrated their first day, while others prepared for their last. What we once took for granted as a given or guarantee we now have to view from a different perspective. Like time. Not only how much we have, but how we spend it. If you haven’t spent time the last few months asking “am I doing all that I can do?”, I envy you if that’s actually true. However, if it’s not, I can admit you’re in the same position I’ve been in.

When my job shut it’s doors, I was ready to attack. More time to write more music. Project after project after project came to mind. The uncertainty put my label on hold, but I still had music to write. And even though I have, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. In the middle of writing a song, a completely different idea would come to mind, a different avenue that I needed to travel down. Both artist and minister had an obligation to doing more, and the man that I am needed to do even more behind them both. What I’m trying to build is big enough to at least shine a light on far more than just one thing.

So I’m opening up First Kings. I am a writer. And beyond just music. Whether it’s an article or an assessment, whether I’m writing poetry or I’m preaching, my best comes out of my pen. My voice is my weapon. But there are artists in our culture that draw pictures we can only dream about. There are filmmakers, actors, directors in our culture that bring our daily lives to screens around the world, for you to think, laugh, and cry with us. There are authors in our culture that educate us like no school ever bothered to. Entrepreneurs that pour their gifts and creations back into us. Designers that clothe our communities but never seem to get their due. There are educators, doctors, leaders in our community that need to be heard. Change is definitely coming, and it’ll take ALL of this for us to attain it. I said that I’d be more than an artist. Now, I’m ready to do just that.

Just Jamal

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