• J. Jamal

Pandemic Playbook

How to Thrive Inside

  1. Relax. You can’t control any parts of this virus, when it stops, where it goes, how strong it is. Take a breath, relax, stay safe.

  2. Control what you ingest. Watching the news all day, every day, will do nothing but freak you out, about things you can’t change by yourself regardless. Turn of the tv, read a book. Listen to a book. Get one of those meditation apps. Ingest something other than the bad news you find on the news

  3. Create a routine. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Go into everyday with a plan, and repeat it so much it becomes second nature. Even allow your downtime to be purposeful, ingest information towards a skill you’re learning, a goal you’re reaching, a dream you’re chasing.

  4. Learn a skill. We’ve all got more free time than we could ask for right now. Why not spend that time learning to do something that’ll benefit you, or entertain you even after things change? There are so many “how to” videos on YouTube, apps like Skillshare offer courses and videos on literally anything you want to learn. Fill your time getting better at something, while the rest of the world goes haywire.

  5. Develop discipline. While it’s still optional, take the time to make some changes. Set a blackout time, where you put your phone and social media down for the night. Take this time to unwind and decompress and get ready for the next one. Work out any kinks in your mind or clear any clutter and end the night relaxed.

  6. Disengage when you need to. Along with blackouts at night, it’s okay to disengage from stressful conversation, anything unhealthy, or anything that’s not geared toward reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself. If you spend all of your time talking/hearing about COVID, quarantines, etc., you wont have room in your mind for anything else. Talking about stressful situations will just add on to prior frustrations. Take a minute.

  7. Feed your mind. Idle time can lead to an idle mind. Idle means stationary. No advancement, no improvement, just stuck. Complacent. Idle cars can die right where they sit. Read something, engage in stimulating conversation. Seek out activities that will make you think.

  8. Get out of the house. For some of us, the last few months meant spending everyday at home. Spending all day, everyday, looking at the same four walls is enough to drive even the biggest homebodies stir crazy. Take a walk around the block, or even just around the yard if that’s all you can do. Just give yourself the time to reset to some different surroundings.

  9. Take it a day at a time. The way things are going, it’s gonna take a while before we can say “tomorrow, everything will be back to normal”. Some experts are even doubting that we’ll have a “normal” to go back to after this. So we have to be sure not to mentally get too far ahead of ourselves. Of course we all have plans for what we’ll do when this is over. But we don’t know when it’ll be over. Some days, you’ll get tired of waiting. It will frustrate you. But there is an end coming. More than anything, we just have to make it to that point. And how do we get there? One day at a time.

  10. Have fun. This is a very unique time and place. One we probably couldn’t plan for even if we wanted to. Make the most of everyday, because the next one isn’t guaranteed for any of us.

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