• J. Jamal

Show Your Teeth

Simply put, bring some tenacity. Attack every day. By now, you’ve noticed that the king’s Corner logo incorporates a lion and a crown. Lions are never timid creatures, they can’t be timid creatures. Too much is riding on them. Too many other lions are dependent on them for what they hunt. If they don’t kill, they don’t eat. That needs to be your mentality, every day of your life. Too many of us are passive, waiting for things to come to us. We go through life reacting, and adjusting, instead of taking initiative and going on the attack first. Why do we prefer to live our lives on defense? Only making moves, switching up, taking chances when something else didn’t work? A lion is on alert at all times, planning and plotting. A lion’s attitude is as soon as you’re close enough, I’m on you. As soon as you’re in range, I’m attacking with every intention of taking you down, and the closer you get, the more sure I am that I have to win. Instead of letting you get close enough to level the playing field, I’m gonna strike first, as soon as you get in range. So my challenge to you is to get on the attack, as soon as you see a target in sight. Some people and things may try and challenge you. But if I show you my teeth, if I show you how far I’m willing to go to beat you, or how hard I’ll fight to protect what I have, I’ll scare you out of ever challenging me. I won’t even have to bite you, if I can make you fear my bite.

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