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Justice for Bernell Trammell

On July 23rd, 2020, in Milwaukee, Wis., Bernell Trammell was shot and killed.

outside of the office he used to house handwritten signs about his religious and political beliefs, as well as the home of his business eXpressions Journal. He used his platform, not only to voice his opinions and beliefs, but to allow others the opportunity to do the same. A friend recalled him saying “everyone has a voice. Everybody’s voice has power”. THAT is the voice someone senselessly silenced. And before today, many of you had probably never heard his name.

The 60 year old businessman and activist spent a lifetime sparking conversations. He’d engage people in the neighborhood in conversation as they passed by, his handmade signs definitely catching their attention, whether they agreed or disagreed. His wide range of beliefs and support led some to characterize his political tastes as eclectic. On any given day, you were as likely to see him hoisting up a sign reminding you that Black Lives Matter, as you were to see his support for President Trump’s re-election. As a matter of fact, it seems any article posted about his murder features “Black Trump Supporter” or some variation of that in the headline. There is belief that his murder may have been politically motivated, as his support of BLM and Trump was sure to rub many the wrong way. No arrests have been made.

Above all, this was a Black man, gunned down and taken from his family and his community. Of course there are those who won’t agree with ALL of his beliefs. However, there is one thing that is irrefutable: he should still be with us. A family and neighborhood will never be the same again, and for what? Strong voices should be allowed to ring throughout eternity, yet it seems their voices are the ones silenced the earliest. Whether you believe Black Lives Matter or not, whether you’re pro Trump or not, whether you’re a believer in God or not, there is no way possible that you can convince me that Mr. Trammell deserved to be murdered. The strength he had to have to hold true to the values he had, in spite of clear opposition from both sides is commendable. And while we may not agree with all of his beliefs and what he supported, that doesn’t mean he should be forgotten or ignored either. He was a guiding light that should not have been extinguished. The resolve he showed in fighting for those he believed in is something we can all learn from. Unfortunately, his fight is over now. So it’s our turn to fight for him too.

Justice for Bernell Trammell

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