• J. Jamal

In My Eyes

Look me in my eyes.

Look past the lush, welcoming brown pits that draw you in. Look deeper than that.

Can you see the redness? The fire burning behind them, to be successful at this thing called life?

The exhaustion of sleepless nights, trying to find something, anything, to push me closer to it?

The tears shed when the “closeness “ I experience is in the form of a closed and locked door, slammed in my eyes?


No, don’t just look. Listen.

Do you hear the gears turning in my head, trying to figure out just how to get “there”?

Hear the cries for relief and release, from a soul long tired of the road it takes to get “there”?

Hear the pleas from a broken body, drudging up the reserves of it’s resolve, dragging the soul for one last push. One last push to get “there”?

Stop. Look. Listen.

Look past the smile, or the frown. The eyes never lie.

Listen to the soul, not the mouth. Because the soul is the essence, the truth.

Listen to my story, the greatest story I could ever tell you.

Are you listening?

Look me in my eyes.

Then, you won’t miss a thing.

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