• J. Jamal

FNN: A Wild Ride

Updated: Jan 6

I ever tell you guys about the craziest close call in my life?

It goes a lil something like this.

Hit up a club one night, out celebrating with a few of my boys.

Young, kinda stupid, 22, 23 years old. Let’s just say I was...not the hardest to coerce.

And this particular night, she had me right where she wanted me.

The way the light hit that little black dress and that red lipstick, it might as well have been a spotlight.

I didn’t see anybody but her. And lucky for me, she was looking right at me.

I can’t look weak in front of my guys so I approach once the song is over.

Soon as she sees me coming, she turns towards me, that front profile under that light accentuating everything I loved looking at.

She greeted me with a smirk, as if getting me here was her plan all along.

“Well, that took longer than I expected,” she teased, giving her Hair a nice flip.

“Usually, the boys come running to me before the first song ends.”

“Well, I’m a little bit harder to get than that,” I smirk once we’re face to face, the bit of liquid courage I’ve gotten so far paying dividends.

I suppose my confidence was a bit enticing to her, as she just laughed and asked me what my drink was. I’ve never been a heavy social drinker, so I tell her to surprise me. I can see she’s a bit older than me, but I’ve never been one to knock a little extra...experience. On top of that, there was something hypnotic about her eyes. Hers wouldn’t stay off me, and I wouldn’t dare take mine off hers. After a couple drinks...then a couple shots, we’re dancing and I’m even more certain that there’s nobody else on the floor but us. At this point, more than just our eyes are on each other. I’m under a spell. Like a man in a trance. And I like it. A few dances into the night, her lips went from my neck up to my ear, as she whispered “you’re mine tonight.” I’m not gonna lie, my chest puffed out and I responded, being as braggadocios as you can imagine “you’ll want me tomorrow night too.” With a blank look on her face and a fire in her eyes, she said “I’ll only need one night, for what I’m gonna do to you”. That was the first time I saw it. The red in her eyes. The hypnotic red I was now lost in, sinking deeper into the abyss. I’m not gonna lie, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and a chill intruded my body. My condition only allowed me to nod and accept my fate.

I feel a hand go into my pocket and pull out my phone, texting my friend to let him know I’d found my own way home. It wasn’t until I put the phone back that I realized that it was, in fact, my hand. “Now, follow me,” she says with a smirk. As if being led on a leash, I do exactly that, following her to an old school red Mustang, in pristine condition, a car almost as beautiful as she is. As she drives, she tells me she lives about 45 minutes out, just a little trip up the Pacific Coast. It’d take awhile, but I’d love the view. The cold in the air pierces my skin, a chill circulating through me. The white noise of the radio leaving range is the soundtrack of the night. I can only describe myself as paralyzed, I just can’t til if it’s by lust, alcohol, the cold air, or...her.

At a red light, a few words of the local radio broadcast sneaks through the noise. “Do not...resist.......the eyes”, fell on my ears as the anchor spoke. Immediately, she reached and turned off the radio, and my eyes met her. Now, I’m certain of what paralyzed me, as I sunk into the passengers seat. “Won’t be much longer now. Soon, you won’t feel a thing,” the words sounded as if she was saying them while I was under water, as I sunk deeper under her influence. At the next red light, she kissed and bit into my neck, massaging my hip. Soon, I feel the blood trickling down my neck. “Thank God, you taste good. Otherwise, I’d be hungry again a lot sooner.” At this, she turns the radio back on. “Do not give in, resist the feelings that arise. The hypnotic lies sit behind her eyes.” A shaken voice spills from the speakerS, drawing a cackling laugh out of her before she turns it back off, and my ears fill like they’re again full of water. “Oops. I guess it’s too late for that.” Her words are still drowned out, as if I myself am drowning. “Don’t worry honey, we’re almost home. This will only hurt on impact.” She kisses my hand and slams on the gas. In a panic, I face forward, as she begins drifting onto the wrong side of the road. It’s clear that her plan is to speed through the guardrails on the next curve. Her face lights up, figuratively and literally as a semi trucks high beams shine on us. I close my eyes in pain and hear the horn honk. She jerks the car out of its path, speeding along the shoulder as I begin to come to. Suddenly, my phone rings louder than I’ve ever heard it, and she screams “Damnit!”, as I snap out of it. My eyes adjust for the first time to see her reaching over to try and buckle my seat belt, and my first coherent action is to pull away, open the door and jump a split second before she hits the barrier, silently facing forward as the car plunges off the cliff and into the ocean.

Less than an hour later, I’m down at the police station, answering questions about the nights events. Was I drunk? Was I drugged? Was I hypnotized? I had even less answers than they did. But the most pertinent, clearest answer came when the chief came in with an envelope of pictures, and asked me if this was the woman I left the club with. Sure enough, it was. After confirming, he picked the pictures up and told me to go home. That wasn’t flying for me. “No, no, that’s it? I don’t even get to know who this woman is? That seems pretty important right now.” I pleaded. Without hesitation, he turns back to me and spills it. “You weren’t drugged. And her name was Stella Samuels.” He goes to leave again and I chime in.

“Was? You guys are already thinking she’s dead? Did they try to recover her body at least.” He stops in his tracks to face me again

“There is no body. Not anymore, at least. And we don’t think she’s died tonight. We know she died, 15 years ago. In a red vintage mustang, like the one you were in tonight. Driving off of the same cliff you just saw. The only difference is this time...she didn’t have company.”

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