• J. Jamal

Do The Work

Nothing will be handed to you, and if it is, it’ll be easier to blow it because you won’t appreciate it. You’ve gotta put in the work, pay the dues, and create the opportunities you’re looking for. In decades before us, the rules were so different. Back then, who you knew was as important as the work you put in. Back then, people could put you on, whether your work warranted the opportunity. And others had to work and grind and scratch and claw, and never received opportunities that wound up given to people with half the work ethic. A lot of doors that we wanted to walk into weren’t even available or accessible to us. But in this day and age, opportunity is what and where you make it. There are so many platforms that didn’t exist before. So many avenues for expression that didn’t exist before. And on top of that, it seems like there’s a course or class or instructional video for literally anything you wanna do. The knowledge is out there to be learned. The opportunities are out there to be taken or created. But it won’t happen tomorrow. Month upon month, year after year, your work will chip away at the mountain you’re trying to climb. You can’t just jump to the top, and be prepared for a long fall if you try to. But step by step, piece by piece, move after move, and that mountain of results gets bigger. Just make sure you enjoy it along the way

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