• J. Jamal

Darkness Falls Part 2

Updated: Jan 6

Look...stay down. And be quiet. Just...we’re gonna get out of here. If we keep our eyes closed, maybe it’ll go away. Then we’ll run to the fence and climb over. That’s the only way out...you know if we go in the house, we’re not coming out. Don’t worry about the dark, I know it’s dark! You need to worry about what’s gonna be out there when it’s not so dark. Alright...we’re gonna have to open our eyes eventually. No matter what, you run to the gate. On 3, turn and run. 1...2...by the time I counted 3, I should’ve noticed Johnny was already backing up. 2.5 was marked by an ear shattering scream. I opened my eyes and the darkness that was lurking behind the door is breathing in front of my face. Before I could gasp and choke out the number 3, what feels like a gust of wind behind me launches me forward into the darkness I was desperate to avoid. The door slams behind me as the darkness envelopes me with ease. And then....nothing. Until I heard him.

Eyes up, son. Look up here.

What seems to be the problem? Why? Well, because you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

I can’t begin to tell you the trouble you’ve caused. So I won’t.

I can’t begin to tell you what you’ve awoken. So I won’t.

But I have been stuck here for 30 some odd years, just waiting for some poor unfortunate soul to let me out, and as fate would have it, that would be...you.

Now, as a token of my gratitude, I’m going to let you leave, of course I am. Because whether you know it or not...you’re already captive.

All of your fears, have become reality.

That which dwelled in the dark has again seen the light of day.

All thanks to you.

But I must warn you. Every time you walk

alone and feel that something or someone is following you...there will be.

Every time you feel like there’s something breathing down your neck...there will be.

Every corner you turn and think there has to be something lurking in the shadows...there will be.

You my son will learn the meaning of the consequences of your actions following you everywhere you go.

And rest assured that they will, oh yes, they will.

Enjoy whatever semblance of safety you find to take solace in.

Stay in the light every second you can.

For when darkness falls...your deepest fears follow.

This door to hell is too heavy for you alone to close.

The midnight hour is fast approaching.

I see you cowering, you’re shaking son, but...don’t fear me.

For I am simply the man....fear the manifestation.

It seems to be time for you to go, and go you must. But take this with you on your way. Some doors are closed for a reason. Humans, selfishly feel that a closed door means someone preventing you from receiving what’s inside. As if the door exists only to keep you out. But beware, and take care. For sometimes...some doors are designed to keep them in. And sometimes...the things you let out...decide to leave with you.


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