• J. Jamal


I crave you.

The longing in your eyes when they look up at me.

Your lips pressed against mine. Rightfully resting where I wanted them most.

Your fingers pacing around my neck, coming back together in a soft embrace.

The warmth of your body against mine, as I watch your chest rise and fall in sync with mine.

But more than that, I miss the laugh I shared with only you.

Sitting in my car til 2 AM, dreaming with you.

Planning with you.

The peace I felt in your arms.

The adoration in our embrace.

The relief that the feeling was finally mutual.

Until it wasn’t.

I’d say I’ve got it bad for you, but it felt too damn good.

I try to make sense of the emptiness you left me with, the hole I’d climbed back into.

I fell in love with a vibe, fell in love with a feeling.

I needed it. I craved it.

That high was amazing, but the crash was hell.

I know I seem fine.

But I wanna be fine, not hoping that I seem fine.

Hopefully, I can get it someday, but in the meantime, I’ve got an addiction.

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